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Taboos at the Mahjong Table: Six Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Mahjong

Mahjong is a highly popular recreational activity in Taiwan, especially during festivals or leisure time. People enjoy gathering to play, using the mahjong table as a means of deepening social bonds. Considered a national pastime, mahjong carries with it cultural traditions and taboos accumulated over the years. Here are some “mahjong taboos” at the table. While these beliefs may vary from person to person, it’s essential to adhere to them carefully during the game.

Position and Orientation

When choosing a seat, it’s best to select one with a backrest and against a solid wall. Facing away from the door, restroom, bookcase, or window is considered unlucky, as these areas are associated with the god of wealth, cleanliness, and books. Avoid letting the wind blow in, as it may scatter your good luck.

Avoid Rushing

Time pressure can affect your concentration and luck during the game. Being anxious to win money will only bring more stress, and the god of wealth won’t favor you. Therefore, refrain from playing under time pressure.

No Patting on the Back

Patting someone’s back or shoulders at the mahjong table may dissipate their good luck. It’s a common taboo that should be avoided.

Don’t Leave Your Seat or Tap Your Feet When on a Winning Streak

When you’re on a winning streak, everything at the table should remain stable. Leaving your seat or tapping your feet during this time may disrupt your good luck.

Avoid Playing Tiles Associated with the God of Wealth or “Going West”

Avoid playing tiles associated with the god of wealth or those related to the phrase “going west,” as they may bring bad luck. Steer clear of anything associated with the god of wealth to avoid impacting your luck.

Don’t Borrow Money at the Table

Borrowing money at the mahjong table can lead to unnecessary stress and disputes. Even when using chips, you shouldn’t borrow money from other players. While some of these “mahjong taboos” may seem superstitious, adhering to these rules during the game helps maintain a good gaming atmosphere and courtesy. Most importantly, enjoy the fun of playing mahjong and spending quality time with family and friends! In addition to mahjong, 8K8 COM casino offers a variety of other exciting games such as blackjack, slots, and fishing games. Come and experience a wide range of thrilling games!


Taboos at the Mahjong Table: Six Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Mahjong Mahjong is a highly popular recreational activity in Taiwan, especially during […]
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